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verb: the use of products, without the need of ownership;

If we would take a look at all the products we own today, what is the most important reason that we own these products? This reason should be that we own them, because we are actually using these machines, tools & equipment. But is it really necessary to own the products personally?

To Philips is the result of a research on the chances of Philips products to be translated into services. In this project a method is created to index a range of products and how to check them on specific criteria, which play a factor in the translation from product to service.

When products become part of a service, rather than being an item of possession, the emphasis is on the use of the product, the result which you can achieve by using the product.

In this project a broad analysis of all Philips products is translated into a graphic overview, focussing for example on types of use, energy use, product life and frequency of use. Such an overview gives clear insights where the chances for service design are.

This project shows besides a method for product analysis a possible implementation of product-services in the case of Philips. ToPhilips is a service that features a large range of products that can be exchanged within an apartment building. This reduces the need for ownership of products among the tenants, reduces energy use and reduces waste.

Example service concept. Still many other implementation are possible, which shows that this method is worth to be applied to other product branches.

This project was part of a research investigation in world industries and global issues led by Joost Grootens. A book has been made containing all research translated into world maps and concepts.

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