Studio Bart Nijssen


A soupplate design by Fumiko Ito & Bart Nijssen

The Dutch have been controlling nature for a long time, to create and maintain their land. As a result of the current threat of global warming, the water level will increase globally.
If the Dutch now forget to fight against the water, like they did with their dykes, polders and canals, The Netherlands will be flooded soon by the uprising water! Please be aware of your Dutch mind and protect your country from the nature.

When you eat your soup, you will see the Amsterdam land appear. Only with your own effort, you can keep the right balance between the land and the water.

When you almost finished your soup you will experience that you can’t eat all the soup. But realise we can’t control all the water on our planet. The search is for the right balance, so if you would eat all the soup, this balance is gone.