Studio Bart Nijssen

Material Explorations

On this small page you'll find some imagery of material experiments and small concepts try-outs. Through these small models I try to find new means in combining materials and techniques into new concepts.

a Precious Hammer
This glazed porcelain hammer is a contrast to a regular hammer. It’s fragile, it’s expensive and it’s appealing.
By it’s material characteristics you can only use this hammer once. So one will only use it, when he or she wants to hang something really precious. Something that has more value than the hammer itself.
A Precious Hammer by Bart Nijssen

Layering in materials
I am trying to find a combination of materials, rather than inventing a new material in itself.
Through the combined use of different materials I try to tell a story. By using the layering from books and the wearing out of the craftsman’s workplace I want to achieve a material that shows more of itself through time.
Copper may wear out by the acid from our fingers, paper is a fragile material, but hardened by pressure and stacking. By applying prints and patterns I investigate this layering.
Layered materials by Bart Nijssen

How it's made
‘A model for a table’
This combination of wood, epoxy and tools give an insight in the table. Not only showing how it’s made, but also which tools were used.
How its Made by Bart Nijssen

Repoussoir Cabinet
A model for a cabinet inspired by Magical Realism and repoussior in paintings.
Repoussoir is an object along the right or left foreground in a painting that directs the viewer's eye into the composition. This technique is found frequently in Dutch seventeenth-century landscape paintings.
This cabinet has 2 sides / 2 realities. From one side it’s a drawer-cabinet, but from the other side it’s a regular cabinet. This reflects the ‘illogical scenario’ although it seem ‘normal’. When you open the cabinet doors, you will always see the drawer. This creates awareness of the big space the cabinet contains. But by the use of only the drawer the object has a much smaller usage-space.
Repoussoir Cabinet by Bart Nijssen