Studio Bart Nijssen


Houvast is a universal joint, that enables you to connect any object to any surface.

Houvast gives new purpose to left-over materials, discarded objects & forgotten parts.

Rejoining these materials gives them new meaning and new purpose, by creating all kinds
of structures: from cabinets to tables, from chairs to bookshelves.

Houvast gives function to the functionless.

Houvast is my Design Academy Eindhoven Masters Graduation project, which resulted in my Master of Design degree. This design was a result of a study into the viewpoint of design during a crisis period. The research concluded in 2 books and a thesis entitled "Design in Times of Crisis, Revisited".

Houvast by Bart Nijssen

Houvast by Bart NijssenClose-up of the combined use of different elements.

Houvast by Bart NijssenDetailed view of two elements connecting different structures.

Houvast by Bart NijssenStructure overview completely build using 52 Houvast elements.

Houvast by Bart Nijssen

Houvast by Bart NijssenDetail of the Houvast element, a universal joint

Houvast by Bart NijssenConstruction made with the Houvast element during the graduation exhibition at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Thesis and research booklets available at: Issuu