Studio Bart Nijssen

Badkamer, a concept Bathroom

Badkamer is a bathroom concept, which is inspired by the new urban citizen. Living in a vivid city one might notice the layering of it’s environment. You will find ‘levels’ for working, for living, for transportation and many more. This city layering has been an inspiration for this bathroom concept, which makes use of the flexibilty of applying different layers in a fixed space.

The ‘badkamer’ concept gives those who live in the smaller apartments, a new bathing experience. This concept makes efficient use of any spaces available. The sliding system, allows the user to create new spaces for showering & freshening up. Ever imagined that a full functional bathroom would fit a space no larger than 2m x 1m? Come in and take a look!

By sliding elements to the side a space for showering can be created, and by sliding the cabinets against each other, you prevent your appliances from getting wet. Both the shower and the washbasin can be used depending on intuitive interaction on it’s fixtures. To set the water volume you rotate it round it axe, and move it left or right for water temperature adjustments.
The mirror is place between 2 cabinets for personal cleaning products, which can slide against each other, covering the mirror.
The toilet has a side cabinet which contains the paper-holder. Slide the cabinet towards the toilet for preventing it from getting wet while showering.